Active Head Rotation

The patient looks at a target while shaking their head "yes or no" to the beats of a metronome. Eye movement is recorded during a short 15 second test where video goggles record eye movement and head velocity is measured with an angular rate sensor. If clear vision of the target is maintained during head shake, then the VOR is functional and AHR gain will be close to one.

When the eyes cannot stay on the target, retinal slip is occurring and the measured VOR gain is reduced. The reported results of VOR gain and symmetry are similar to a rotational chair but AHR tests the higher frequencies of natural head movements.

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Fully customable test prococols with userfriendly interface.

Audio cue

Audio "beep" to help the patient to do the correct frequency head movement.

Mono or Binocular

Can be done with the monocular goggle (HeadStar) or the binocular goggle (NysStar II)

Software Option

Can be stand alone or as an option on the VNG system running with DiSoft II Pro Line.

3D Gyroscope

No need to change any gyroscope position for horizontal and vertical test. Thank's to the built in 3D gyroscope.

Eye tracking

Best eyes tracking ever. No problem with eye blinking, correction lens, ...

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