The CoolStar was the first air irrigator with an active cooling build in the handle. The first model was sold in 2006 !

The CoolStar offers lots of possibilities for caloric testing: easy to use, high precision temperature regulation and unique cooling possibilities.

The handle is equipped with an otoscope head where a disposable ear tip can be fixed for easy management of hygiene. The otoscope handle provides also a magnifying glass and integrated light to inspect the ear canal and the tympanic membrane without obstructing the stimulation.

CoolStar is ideal when water can not be used for stimulation (tympanic membrane perforation, …),when water inlet and outlet are not available in the examination room and when ambiant room temperature exceeds 22°C.

Thank's to the active cooling system build in the handle !

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4 user programmable temperature that can be set from 10°C to 48°C with an increment of 0.2°C


High flow rate of minimum 8L/min to ensure a correct  irrigation


Audio cues indicating start/stop of stimulation. Indicating also start/stop of ocular fixation


High accuracy and stability meaning of a reliable stimulation


Light, compact and ergonomic handle with lighted otoscope head for greatest comfort during the stimulation


With an integrated cooling system, this is the smallest, lightest handle in the world !

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