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The Easy-Line DiSoft is a entry level software for people who wants to perform regular VNG testing without paying for options that they will never use.

Touchscreen oriented software, it offer the user some flexibility in the software configuration but in a so easiest way that even without training, an audiologist can configure and use the software.

Some additional test can be added later on like VHIT (horizontal only) or Subjective visual vertical for example.

No patient data base manager, no video recording and delivered with 3 printout template, these are, for example, features that are not in the software.

Basic Module

Including : 

  • Spontaneous nystagmus (with and/or without fixation)

  • Gaze nystagmus (with and/or without fixation)

  • Positional nystagmus (Supine, ...)

  • Positioning nystagmus (Dix-Hallpike, ...)

  • Caloric nystagmus (with or without OFI)

Option : 

  • Hand remote control

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Oculography Module

  • Full horizontal and vertical visual stimulator

  • Full HD resolution

  • Can be connected to a LCD projector or TV screen

  • Customizable test parameter

  • Optokinetic stimulus only in horizontal

  • No additional hardware (using the second video output of your computer)

Available tests : 

  • Calibration

  • Random saccadic test

  • Smooth pursuit

  • Optokinetic test

  • target for spontaneous nystagmus and gaze nystagmus

Video Head Impulse Module

The vHIT is a measure of the patient’s vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) in response to head movement. Lateral only.
High speed camera : 250 image/sec with 320x240 pixels.

  • Head Impulse Paradigm (conventional / Traditional head impulse test)
  • Head rotation with earth fixed visual target

  • Catch up saccades indicate impairment of the VOR.


  •   Suppression Head Impulse Paradigm 

  •   Head rotation with head fixed visual target

  •   Catch up saccades indicates functioning VOR  

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