NysStar I : Economic VNG goggle

Monocular, VNG goggle for a reliable balance testing.
The camera can be placed on the right or on the left eye easily. 

The NysStar I is fully compatible with Easy-Line and Pro-Line software and the only limitation is VHIT. With this goggle, the VHIT test is NOT possible. Use the HeadStar goggle to add the VHIT function.

Optionally, the camera can reach 200 images per second for high temporal resolution in the random saccadic test for example.


Odoo text and image block


Only 200gr for the camera box excluding the USB cable. Cover for vision denied included.


Comfortable goggle that fits to adults and teenager patient with a great confort

USB 2.0

Real full USB 2.0 camera with 4.5 meter cable. Direct connexion on your laptop

Eye Tracking

Unique eye tracking algorithm that avoid problems with eye blinking, mascara, heavy eye lids, ...

High résolution

High resolution IR camera with 640 x 4840 Pixels with 50 image per second.


Built-in fixation light for ocular fixation index calculation during spontaneous, caloric or rotational testing

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