DI 14050X-OCULOGRAPHY : Oculography software option

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    DI 14050X-OCULOGRAPHY : Oculography software option

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    Oculography option:

    This option increases tests possibilities by allowing to run the following tests: 
    • Calibration
    • Saccadic and anti-saccadic test
    • Saccadometry test
    • Random saccadic test
    • Smooth pursuit
    • Optokinetic test
    • Visual fixation for spontaneous nystagmus test

    The oculography option consists in software autorizations and configurations.Your computer need to have a Nvidia Graphic card to be able to have a nice optokinetic stimulation.

    Add the option DI 14050X-TVHI for a compatible TV or DI 14050X-LCDHI for a video projector.

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